Bike Covers

Paradise to a motorcyclist might be a place where there’s no dust, no pollen, no tree sap or bird droppings, and certainly no rain, sleet, or snow! It’s a place where the sun shines brightly all day, every day — because wouldn’t you rather be RIDING your bike than cleaning it? Of course! But alas, we live in the real world where all of the above WILL fall on your bike sooner or later, and in fact, even the beautiful sunshine is slowly and quietly deteriorating your bike’s finish! What do you do? Go UNDER COVER. Having the Ultimate Motorcycling Experience sometimes involves what you do when you’re NOT riding. So, at Bob’s BMW we offer all types of motorcycle covers to protect your bike from the elements in between rides. Our selection of bike covers includes all popular options: waterproof, UV protection, tailored fit, double-stitched construction, security, hot-pipe resistance, vents to prevent damaging condensation, and more. Even if you have a garage, your motorcycle is probably not in it ALL the time (we hope!). So portability is part of the protection as well. If you need assistance, we’ve got you covered there too. Contact Bob’s today to let our friendly specialists help you find the RIGHT product for your BMW model and budget.

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Bike Cover G100 Guardian L Bike Cover G100 Guardian L
Bike Cover G150 Guardian XL Bike Cover G150 Guardian XL
BMW Deluxe Weatherproof Cover BMW Deluxe Weatherproof Cover
BMW All-Weather Cover for G310R BMW All-Weather Cover for G310R
BMW All-Weather Cover for R1200R, R1250R & F800R BMW All-Weather Cover for R1200R, R1250R & F800R

Rugged enough for all weather protection yet compact enough to carry with you — that’s total protection – 365 days of the year! Most bike covers are completely waterproof, but the protection doesn’t stop there. Reflective markings provide extra security at night. UV-blocking technology ensures long-lasting quality and protection from the sun’s harmful rays. Reinforced grommets with elasticized straps and hooks keep your cover on tight in the wind and safe from prying eyes too. They’re even lockable for added peace of mind.

Bike covers are a hassle, you say? You’d rather just have a garage? Sure, there you go again, dreaming of motorcycle paradise. Well, your dream just came true. Our Speed-Way® Motorsport Shelters are the next best thing to a garage, and no home-equity loan required. Easy to use hand-lift retractable function, super-durable, there’s even an optional floor. See? We really DO have you covered! Don’t wait. Contact us today for more information.