Illustrated BMW Microfiche

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Most of us have close relationships with our motorcycles. But that “love” we feel isn’t always just about riding them. Part of the joy actually comes from understanding the technical side of things: how all those parts and systems go together. The BMW factory parts diagrams —or BMW Microfiche—offered here at Bob’s is an incredible resource. Here you can see, system-by-system, part-by-part, using the same diagrams that professional BMW technicians and parts experts use, how everything fits and functions together! It’s a virtual encyclopedia covering every BMW model, from this year’s latest all the way back to 1950, all laid out in a user-friendly way to help you find exactly the parts you need. When it’s time to replace a worn or broken part or upgrade performance, this is where it begins. Using our BMW microfiche, you can easily find the exact BMW motorcycle OEM parts you’re looking for. Or, as in many cases where an aftermarket or reproduction alternative is available, you’ll find those too, which you can always select with confidence. Then, with just a click, add parts to your shopping cart. Our staff is here six days a week to process and ship your order FAST.

“Wait, what if I don’t understand something about the BMW motorcycle OEM parts in the diagrams?” No worries. Questions are inevitable. With our reliable customer support, we’ve got your back every step of the way. Call, use our convenient online chat, or send an email and we’ll answer your questions as quickly as possible.

For all your repair and maintenance needs, we’ve got solutions. We are one of the largest, most respected BMW dealerships in North America. We’ve won numerous awards for overall excellence, customer satisfaction, and community service. Owning a BMW motorcycle is both a pleasure and an honor, but it comes with responsibilities. Treat your bike with the utmost care, using only correct parts of the highest quality, and we promise that you’ll enjoy years of safe riding pleasure—the Ultimate Motorcycle Experience. If you have any questions about our parts or would like help finding the right part for your motorcycle, contact a member of our team today.