Men's / Unisex Helmets

"Helmet Laws Suck!" is a slogan that, thankfully, is not heard as often as it once was. Perhaps believers finally took up issues that actually mattered, or their numbers simply dwindled over the years. (Head injuries might have taken a toll.) Whatever caused the change, we’re glad that most of the biker community has moved on. We think — and any rider who appreciates his brain would agree — helmets are a good thing. They’re better, safer, and more comfortable now than ever before! With such a wide variety of men’s motorcycle helmets to choose from, however, finding the right one for your noggin might seem daunting. Have no fear. We make it easy by breaking it down into three basic steps: Fit – Features – Style.

FIT is first. It’s the most important factor because your safety and comfort depend on it. To begin with, a helmet’s shape must match the shape of your head. Different brands offer different shapes, and understanding how these shell shapes vary is key. Our premium brands: Schuberth, Arai, Shoei, and Scorpion, all have excellent products in a variety of price ranges. One of these brands of men’s & unisex motorcycle helmets offers a shell in your shape. Next, by fine-tuning the fit with interior components such as cheek pads of varying thickness, you can customize your helmet to perfection. Best of all, the friendly apparel experts at Bob’s are ready to help you get it right.

FEATURES are the technical design elements of each model motorcycle helmet that make it unique, and what a bonanza of great ones we have! Low-weight materials, incredible ventilation systems, modular (flip-up) construction, face shield innovations, anti-fog protection, antimicrobial liners, built-in communication systems, sun visors, and the list goes on. Your type of riding will help narrow down your choices as many features are designed to benefit a specific genre such as touring, adventure, off-road, or racing.

STYLE is where it really gets personal — and fun. Browse our men’s motorcycle helmets now to find your look. Choose extra visibility with fluorescent color, blend in with a matte finish, or make a bold statement with exciting graphics. Whatever your style, you’ll find it at Bob’s BMW, your most reliable source for all riding gear.